Harm Matthias Harms

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Ruby on Rails

Proficient in developing scalable and efficient web applications using Ruby on Rails, with a strong understanding of PostgreSQL for database management, Redis for caching and queuing, and Docker for containerization.

Ruby on RailsPostgreSQLRedisDocker

Web Crawling

Expert in web crawling using Crawlee, with the ability to handle large data sets using PostgreSQL and MongoDB. Experienced in Event-Driven Architecture, Anti-Captcha strategies, and Data Deduplication methods to ensure clean and accurate data.

CrawleePostgreSQLMongoDBEvent-Driven ArchitectureAnti-CaptchaData Deduplication

Cloud Infrastructure

Skilled in designing and managing cloud infrastructure using Terraform, Kubernetes, ArgoCD, and Keda. Proficient in monitoring tools such as Prometheus and Grafana to ensure optimal performance and availability.


Web Applications

Experienced in building rich and interactive web applications using Vue.js and Nuxt.js. Also proficient in backend development using Golang, known for its efficiency and scalability.


Computer Vision

Specialized in Computer Vision, leveraging PyTorch and Transformers for machine learning tasks. Skilled in Gaze Estimation and Object Detection techniques for advanced image and video analysis.

PyTorchTransformersGaze EstimationObject Detection